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Luxe Home Essentials Microfiber Kitchen Dish Towels Review

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I am so in love with the microfiber kitchen dish towels from Luxe Home Essentials! They came in a three pack, so I have one for clean up, one for dish drying, and one for hand drying.

Since microfiber is excellent at absorbing whatever it touches, I knew these would be perfect in my kitchen. I cook every single day, so there is always something to clean up, and these towels made short work of the grease splatter on the stove.

I also have several items that don't go in the dishwasher, so they must be hand washed and dried. Again, these towels made short work of the task. Absorbing every droplet of water, and making sure that the dishes went back in the cabinet dry and streak free.

The third towel I use just for drying my hands while in the kitchen, and it is so soft. I love these towels, and will likely be buying another set soon, just to have extras. Also, coming from a family that loves to cook, so is always in the kitchen, I am guessing that there will be a few of these in stockings this Christmas!


They look so nice, have a great waffle type pattern, and better yet, come completely clean in the wash. Like I said, I have used one of the towels to clean up spills and grease splatter, and you would never be able to tell which of the three towels was used for that task!

If you want to get your hands on a trio of these great Microfiber Kitchen Dish Towels you can find them on amazon for $11.97 down from $18.97 (37% savings).

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Luxe Beauty Microfiber Hair Towel Review

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I have very long hair, and it is thin, so the last thing I want to do is damage it anymore than I already do. That's part of the reason why I don't like using blow used to drive my dad crazy, that I would go out into the cold Colorado winters with wet hair, but I have always been the type of person to let my hair air dry.

The few times I have used a blow dryer, I didn't get that awesome supermodel silky smooth, shiny hair like in the commercials, in fact, I am convinced that it doesn't even exist. Plus, my hair always felt so dry, and not in the good sense, but more the straw type.

I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to try this microfiber hair towel, by Beauty by Shea, because I already new that microfiber was great at absorbing water, and drying things with ease.

I washed my hair, and wrapped it in this 19 x 39 in long towel, and finished getting ready. By the time I took my hair down, it it was only slightly damp, and finished air drying within a few minutes.


I am thoroughly impressed with this towel, and so glad that I was able to test it out. If you have ever wanted to try out a good microfiber towel, now is your chance. You can get this Luxe Beauty Essentials Plush Microfiber Hair Towel  for $17.97 down from $21.97 (18% savings)

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Leo SuperHero - Children eBook Review

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I always like to review children's books because it means that my children will have new reading material, and in our house reading truly is fundamental. We read several books every night, and my kids always want to hear a new story. The problem with that is, although we have roughly 300 children's books in our house, we read so much, that each of them has been read at least once, if not more.

Our most recent book is called Leo Superhero and it was very cute story about Leo, a boy who lives with his mom, dad, little sister, and his cat, Milkshake.

One Sunday morning Leo is awakened by Milkshake, and after throwing on his superhero costume, go to find the problem that milkshake has found. I won't tell you much about the story itself, simply because it is a short story and I don't want to ruin it, but I will say that it is a cute little book, that my kids liked.

They liked that Leo was a superhero that solved problems with his cat, and ended up playing superhero all day, taking turns solving each others problems, and rescuing each other. 

It is also a simple enough book, that my second grader, who is learning to read, can get though some of it by himself. He especially liked that, not only is Leo 7, just like him, but that he also has a little sister too! It made it easy for my son to relate too. It is a very cute concept :) 

If you want to add a new book to the bedtime routine, you can get a copy of Leo SuperHero - A Sunday Morning Adventure  on Amazon for $2.99 (Kindle)  


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Bath Pillow by Simply Essentials Review

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I need a few things when I am getting ready to relax in the tub...bath salts AND bubble bath (great combo, if you haven't tried it, you should!), a few aromatherapy candles, and a good bath pillow. I can't tell you how many times I have tried a bath pillow, just for it to be a huge disappointment every time.

Then again, each of those pillows required that you blow them up first! Not so with this Bath Spa Pillow from Simply Essentials. This pillow is made from waterproof PU foam, is contoured, and can be used bean up or bean down to maximize comfort.


With the suctions cups on the back, it will hold firmly to your tub or wall. In my case I had to use it on my wall, because the tub where I currently live has a plastic liner (boo...thumbs down!). So, I attached it to my wall, bean up, and it was wonderful. 

It was so relaxing, and the pillow held firmly, so I didn't have to readjust and interrupt my relaxation. I like that this pillow doesn't absorb water, even if it falls in the tub, so I don't have to worry about it starting to stink from water settling in it.

The only issue I found was that when trying to remove the pillow, the suction cups hold so tightly that they will pop off the pillow. However, it is an easy fix, as you can pop them back into place with a little twist. This pillow also has a No Risk 1 year guarantee!

Overall, this is the best bath spa pillow I have ever used, and it works great on those days that I just need a moment to relax. If you are like me, and need a good bath pillow, you can find this Luxury Spa Bath Pillow on Amazon for $29.99 down from $39.99 (25% savings)  

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Claiming Carlos by Rachelle Alaya...Release Day!!

Title: Claiming Carlos
Series: Sanchez Sisters #2
Author: Rachelle Ayala
 Release Date: October 22, 2014


Choco Sanchez is stuck in a rut. She’s never hit a softball and has been friends forever with Carlos Lopez, the head cook at her family’s Filipino restaurant. When flashy restaurant consultant Johnny Dee hits her with a pitch, she falls head over heels and gets a makeover.

Carlos Lopez is not about to lose one for the home team. When Johnny launches a full scale change on the menu, Carlos sends him straight into the dumpster. Claiming Choco’s heart proves more difficult, especially when her secrets threaten to doom their love. But never underestimate a man who can cook hot, spicy, and steamy, and we ain’t talking just food. 
Steamy love scenes and language. Suitable for readers 18+.

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[Kissing a Friend]
Oh, no. Not happening again. No way. We’re friends, best buds, and he’s supposed to court Julia, that’s what his mother wants him to do. I can’t. I want to. No, this is crazy.
My mouth touches his soft lips and I close my eyes, the better to pretend it’s not happening. Mmmm … He tilts my head gently to angle in closer as his other hand caresses the small of my back.
He doesn’t smush my mouth against his, but gently tugs my lower lip. I settle into his kiss. It’s lazy, easy-going, not demanding, friendly. Only, his fingers curling into my hair isn’t mild, no, and neither are the tiny moans he makes at the back of his throat, or the spear rising hard against my belly. Yikes! What am I doing?
We’re lying on a sandy trail in a nature preserve near dusk. Coyotes could be lurking in the sage bushes, and mountain lions prowling the dry riverbeds. Oh, but his lips taste spicy, and oh, so enticing. A slow burn roils between my legs. He’s so freaking sexy for being a chef. But I didn’t sign up to be his kissing partner. I mean, I could use the practice. I seriously suck at kissing. Oops, my teeth just bumped his. That’s what I get for biting my lips when I should be sucking, or smacking, or nibbling, or whatever it is professional kissers do.

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Author Bio

Rachelle Ayala is an author of dramatic romantic suspense and humorous, sexy contemporary romances. Her heroines are feisty and her heroes hot. She writes emotionally challenging stories but believes in the power of love and hope.

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Fiction: Michal’s Window, Broken Build, Hidden Under Her Heart, Chance for Love Boxed Set, Knowing Vera, Taming Romeo, Whole Latte Love, Played by Love, Playing the Rookie, A Father for Christmas, Claiming Carlos

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