Monday, October 20, 2014

Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream Review

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Cellulite, that dreaded and usually unavoidable side effect of aging. It plagues men and women alike, and even those that work out religiously, still find themselves with cellulite. Usually appearing on our thighs and butt, we are on a constant search for something, anything, that will help lessen the appearance of it.

I was thrilled when I was contacted by Body Merry, to try their Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream, because I was already familiar with the quality of their products. The product comes in a 4 oz tub and has a light minty scent, which I really liked. The scent fades after application, and it is absorbs quickly, and is not greasy at all.


I use it morning and night, as is recommended, and I notice that the skin tingles a bit after application, but it wasn't bothersome. Body Merry says that it can take 3-5 weeks to notice a significant difference, but I almost immediately felt a change. My skin is firmer, and there is a difference in how I see my thighs, so that is a definite plus!

This cellulite gel-cream has lots of great ingredients, including caffeine, retinol, green tea, almond oil, coconut oil, and Vitamin E. It has certainly won me over, and I put my stamp of approval on this product! Whats even better, is that not only is this product made in the USA, and is cruelty free, but  Body Merry's products are backed with a 90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't like this cream, just contact them and get a full refund. Best of all, you don't even need to return the jar!

If you combine this product, with a healthy diet, exercise, and plenty of hydration, then you will see a difference in the appearance of your cellulite. So go get your tub of Body Merry Cellulite Cream on amazon, where it is being sold for $19.99 down from $79.95 (75% savings).

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Writing Dark Stories (ebook) Review

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When I was younger, I liked to write stories, but I never really was any good at it. I did it just because I liked doing it, however, as I got older I found that I simply didn't have the time to write stories.

Then I was approached by Rayne Hall, with an opportunity to review her book, Writing Dark Stories. I was already familiar with Rayne's work, having recently read another book that she edited and contributed too, Dragon: Ten Tales of Fiery Beasts.

In this book, Rayne walks us through her techniques for writing dark stories, and she does an excellent job in doing so. She has broken this book up into chapters, and after explaining the techniques, she provides an assignment. Something that will allow the reader to apply the techniques to their own writing.

The chapters are as follows:

  • Feed Your Fiction With Your Fears 
  • Why the Title is a Strong Start . 
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants 
  •  Fifteen Master Plots Plot Ideas You Can Use.
  •  Dark Fiction and Horror Genres
  •  Point of View 
  •  Managing Tension Goal
  •  Building Suspense 
  •  How to Scare Your Readers 
  •  Creepy Locations 
  •  Make the Most of the Weather
  •  How to Open Your Story
  •  How to End Your Story

She starts by asking the reader to make a list of their fears, then asks them to develop a list of titles based on their fears. Nest she suggests setting a timer for one hour, then just writing any and everything that comes to mind, when you think about the title of your story.

Then you develop a plot, decide the genre and sub genres of your story, and decide which point of view you will be writing from. I had no idea that there were so many genres of horror and dark stories, and that there are combinations of the different genres, which make for an even more horrific story.

She teaches the reader how to manage tension and build suspense, and how to write in a way that will scare their own readers. She makes the most of the location, and atmosphere, and finally discusses how to both start, and end the story. In later chapters she discusses how to use things like Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves, villains, monsters, ghosts, and even religion, in your writing.

She covers everything in this book, including a chapter discussing the psychological reasoning behind why people like to read dark stories. She finishes the book with a few of her own short stories, in which the reader can try to determine which of the techniques she used, and then she makes her own comments on her stories.

I love Rayne's style of writing, and as I delve back into story writing of my own, I will definitely have this book on hand to refer to.

Have you ever, or do you currently write scary and dark short stories? If you want to build on that ability, I would strongly suggest getting yourself a copy of Writing Dark Stories . You can find it on Amazon for .99 (Kindle) or $6.63 (Paperback)


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Sticky Suction Car Mount by iGotTech Review

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The awesome people over at iGotTech have sent me another great product. This time, I have tried out their amazing Sticky Suction Car Mount, which mounts in your car, and can hold your phone, tablet, or GPS.

This mount has a 360 degree swivel, holds securely to any smooth surface, and is easy to clean.


I used this in the car, and had attached it to the sunroof of the car, then secured my phone to it, and used it as a makeshift TV, during a long car trip. The kids were able to watch a few shows, and it never budged. The sticky surface of the mount, held my phone securely, and even held back a little when I was removing it!


I did find that after a few uses, that the sticky pad started to lose its "stick:, but that was easy to fix with a little bit of water. After cleaning the surface, it help the phone just as securely as it did the first time I opened it.

The company has claimed that you can do this up to 1000+ times! Whats better is that they have a 200% product guarantee. If you have ANY problems with your Sticky Suction Stand for 2 years simply let the company know and they will refund every penny of your purchase AND send you a brand new unit free of charge! Now that's a great guarantee!

You can get your own Sticky Suction Stand Mount by iGotTech  on Amazon for $17.98 down from $24.97 (28% savings)

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Lost In The Tsunami Ebook Review

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In 2004, a Tsunami hit India, and it devastated families. Imagine for a moment, not knowing where you family was at, in the midst of a natural disaster.

This story, written by Dorit Silverman, follows Anna as she searches India for her daughter Ronny. Ronny has run away from everything that she knows, and as Anna searches for her, she is introduced to a world that she knows nothing about.

I wish I could tell you more about this story, but it is one of those stories that if I say to much, it will give it all away.

In reality, this story will keep you at the edge of your seat, and engaged. I think that because it is based on true events, it is relatable, and so you will find yourself feeling the same way the characters do.

You will recognize their fear, heartache, anger, and desperation, because it is something that we all can go through. I highly suggest reading this book, because it is very well written, and it will allow you to experience an event that we all heard about, but were safe from.

You can get a copy of Lost In The Tsunami for .99 (Kindle)

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

K5 Learning Online Reading and Math Program Review

We live in the age of technology, and our kids respond well to it, but I don't always want my kids to be glued to it...unless of course it is because they are learning. That's why I have no problems with my son sitting in front of the computer everyday, and engaging with K5, because K5 is a reading and math program that delivers exactly what my son needs, in order to learn both math and reading, at his current level.

There are lots of different games that he can play that teach him things like, Second Grade Algebra, and Geometry, First Grade measurements, and Kindergarten mathematics.

As well as things like sight words, reading comprehension, and vocabulary.

There is even a spelling test section, to help your child stay on top of all the new words that they are learning. What I liked about this section, was that not only is there a section for typing the word, but your child is also given the definition of the word, as well as an example.


Each game walks your student through the basics, and teaches them the fundamentals of math, reading, and vocabulary, and in the process they are also learning a new skill, how to type!

This program is built for students in Kindergarten through the 5th grade, and although there are similar programs out there, this is the first that I have found that really focuses my child on learning and applying what he is learning. It is fun and engaging, and as I have come to learn (as most of us have) if you don't make learning fun, then kids will give up.

The fact that my son is enjoying this program so much, given that he has such difficulties learning, really impresses me. It means that this company has found the right formula to teach a variety of students, and as a parent I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the work that they put into creating this program.

I strongly suggest trying this program, if you have kids that need a little extra help, or if you want to give your kids something to keep their minds sharp during summer vacation.

If you would like to try a few of the sample lessons, CLICK HERE, and if you like what you see give the full program a try.

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